Online CCTV Solution

Our CCTV Solution

Online CCTV System

We offer CCTV systems to monitor your shop front and keep you protected. These are closed, all in one unit that can be available online, so you check your recording on your phone, anytime, anywhere.


We provide high quality security cameras that enable night vision so you can run them 24/7.

Security cameras

Increase your overall safety

Help prevent theft

Help prevent Employee theft

Protect against Burglary

Improve perception of customer safety

Improve inside and outside security for customers and employee safety

24/7 peace of mind

DVR Units

Our DVR units are an all-in-one solution for your security compliance. We provide a unit will crystal clear video footage, mobile app support, video backup support, status alters and motion sensored detection. You can record, save, and play back on all footage taken from your unit. All our Red Box self-serve, Dry Cleaning atm machines operate 24/7 and come with four security cameras and One DVR unit that function all hours of the day and night to ensure the safety of our technology, customers, and users. This allows us to have peace of mind when we agree to terms with our customers.